My name is Tramel Johnson

I am a front-end web developer with a passion for learning, looking for a full-time career in tech & HR.

╺ Experiences: Customer services, Warehouse operations, Human Resources Specialist


This website is also created from scratch by me (Tramel)! :)

CRM software

A mock up of a softphone software for customer serivice representives.
- Customer Relation Management (CRM)

This softphone was made for computer screens only.

Content editor project

This project is showcasing the before and after of an original website , showing change to the design that suits the clients wants.

Game E-commerce

This design shows a layout of an E-commerce website, selling video games.

project made with some Javascript

HTML email developer project

Each email template shows an example of a promotional, transactional, or a newsletter email using tables instead of divs.

Traveler's Assistant

Application for a traveler, includes currency converter, language translator and notepad